European Computer Driving Licence - ECDL Standard

ECDL Standard

Programme Details

St Martin’s College students are prepared for the ECDL Standard programme with internationally recognised certification. ECDL is the world’s largest end-user computer skills certification programme, with more than 12 million candidates in 148 countries. The key benefit of this course is for candidates to raise their ICT and computer skills, thus helping them be more productive both at home, in their studies and in their future workplace.

The syllabus pertaining to the ECDL programme is covered during ICT lessons from Level 7 to Level 10. On the other hand, ICT as a learning area attended at SMC is not optional and from Level 6 to Level 8 students attend two lessons per week and from Level 9 to Level 10 they attend one lesson per week. Please note that in Level 6 students do not sit for ECDL exams, but they cover a syllabus that gives them a basis of understanding in the following years as well as arouses their interest in this field. We therefore strongly suggest that students follow their ECDL course at the same rate the school sets its programmes and modules.

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Course Modules

The ECDL course is divided into seven modules and students must pass all seven exams to obtain certification. The pass mark is 75% and results are recorded on a Pass or Fail basis.

• Online Essentials (Level 7)
• Computer Essentials (Level 8)
• IT Security (Level 8)
• Word Processing (Level 9)
• Presentations (Level 9)
• Spreadsheets (Level 10)
• Databases (Level 10)


St Martin’s College is an accredited test centre therefore, all ECDL exams take place in our computer labs. Exams are done online and results are submitted immediately on completing each exam. To better prepare for the exams, SMC students are also provided with an online mock test which is automatically corrected once finished. The result summary of the latter also includes the correct answers of those questions marked incorrectly.

With regards to our school exams, we mirror the content, level of difficulty and language used in ECDL exams. By doing so, students are better prepared for the actual ECDL exam which takes place after the school exam.

Kindly follow the link below for more information on the ECDL Course.