Enrichment Programme

Kindly note that this programme shall not be taking place this scholastic year.

Enrichment Programme at Chiswick House School

Bumble Bees, Early Years 1 & Early Years 2 Programme

Our Early Years Enrichment Programme strives to be fun, challenging, and educationally very sound. It promotes children’s learning. Our unique and multifaceted programme is designed to spark the children’s interest in a variety of ways through Cookery, Music and Movement, Art, Sensory activities, Science, Learning through Stories and an Introduction to Chess! These activities take place both in the classroom and outdoors offering the children an exciting range of new experiences. This extended programme runs on a daily basis between 1:00pm and 4:00pm during term time and in line with Chiswick House School’s 2019/2020 Calendar.

Through our Enrichment Programme, we hope to help build the self-esteem and self-worth of every child through our every action. Every child possesses the innate ability to learn and succeed and our goal is to lead children towards a happy, healthy and responsible lifestyle. While succeeding in building physical skills is important, teaching children to love themselves and learn is one of life’s greatest lessons.

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Junior School Level 1 to Level 5 Programme

The emphasis of the programme is to provide pupils with after school opportunities which further enhance their academic skills, deepen their nutrition related knowledge as well as establishing a direct firsthand experience with nature. Additionally, this programme is aimed at instilling an active interest in a healthy lifestyle through sports.

A well thought out programme has been designed to run on a daily basis throughout the scholastic year. The programme everyday consists of three separate hourly sessions. During the Garden Box class pupils will have the opportunity to plant a variety of herbs, peas and beans. Last year it was delightful to witness the children’s excitement in observing plants grow, feeling the texture of different leaves and smelling the aromas of the different herbs. Moreover, this “farm-to-table” approach is practised as they prepare their own weekly recipe under the supervision of their cookery teacher. Children will be encouraged to develop organic, healthy eating habits that will hopefully influence their future nutritional choices for a lifetime!

Following the exciting nutrition class pupils are assisted for another hour by a qualified teacher to do their home work and deal with any difficulties that may arise. Additional study and reading help is given throughout this hour for those children finishing their work earlier. Pupils will be encouraged to engage in a final hour of physical activity as a means of ending their eventful day. All activities are supervised by a team of qualified, professional coaches and teachers.

Join us! You’ll Love it!

For further information kindly email info@chs.edu.mt

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