SMC School of Excellence

Kindly note that this programme shall not be taking place until further notice. Thank you.

SMC School of Excellence

What is the School of Excellence?

The School of Excellence is a programme offered by St Martin’s College to support and encourage our high achievers.

How did the idea come about?

We started off from the premise that ALL students have the potential to excel in one (or more) particular areas. We felt that it was our duty as a school to encourage and support these students by offering them a more challenging programme of studies.

How is the School of Excellence Different?

Programmes offered at the School of Excellence are essentially accelerated (or more advanced) programmes than those being offered in class.

Learning should not only be dictated by the level curriculum; through the School of Excellence, students are not bound by learning only what is required for examination purposes. They will have the opportunity to extend their knowledge and explore areas which they excel in. We also offer programmes which are simply not in the curriculum thus encouraging students to find out and learn more about areas which they would not normally cover during their regular schooling.

What are the areas?

Over the past 2 years, we have developed a programme to cater for different needs and interests. Courses are not offered every year but they work on rotation thus giving our students an opportunity to try out different things.

Over the past two scholastic years we have offered: An English Writing Programme, an Art Programme, an IT Programme (Graphics and gaming), a Football Programme, a History programme, a Robotics course, a Classics course, a Science Programme, a Junior Chef course and we hope to extend these programmes to other areas over the years.

How are the students selected?

Each area has its own selection process. Usually, the top 3-5 students per year are identified by their class teachers and their names are passed on to the teachers running the programme.

Assessment and examination marks are also taken into consideration for curricular subjects. Parents are then contacted and a meeting is held to discuss the best way forward.

Can a student apply even is s/he is not selected?

Yes, we certainly want to give all our students these opportunities. If students would like to be on a particular programme, parents should contact us. We will then evaluate the student’s progress at school and if they are up to the standard required, they will be admitted.

Please keep in mind that students will be put on the programme only if they can cope with the level of the syllabus being offered.

What are the main aims of the School of Excellence?

The main aims of the programmes are to broaden our students’ horizons and to give them a challenging and fulfilling programme. We also aim to instill a winning mentality in our students and a drive to be the best they can be. This mind frame, we believe, will accompany them throughout their life and will help form accomplished and well rounded achievers.

Please contact us or email for more details.