Promenade Exhibition

Yesterday was a big day for our Level 2 pupils. To conclude our Kreattiv Project, pupils performed in a promenade exhibition which took place all around the school.

Well done to all pupils and staff for putting together such a spectacular exhibition! Watch the video below to get a taster of what went on…

More info about the project…

Kreattiv is a funding programme that engages educators and creative practitioners in dialogue and collaboration while encouraging students and educators towards further engagement within the creative sector. KREATTIV aims to bring creative practitioners into schools to work with teachers and students to inspire, learn and create in a collaborative and innovative way.

Level 2 pupils have worked on this project throughout their second term. They had the unique experience of working with creative professionals who introduced them to different styles of music, instruments and dance. Their timeline began with the classical era and ended with modern hip hop music.

The final phase of this project involved a walk-through exhibition allowing family members to get a taste of all the different skills pupils had the opportunity of experiencing.

Throughout the term pupils participated in ballet workshops with Christina Aquilina and Jade Farrugia, Jazz dance workshops with Francesco Nicodeme and Hip hop dance with Valerie Burke. From the music section they learnt about opera with Francesca Aquilina, the cello with Gilmour Peplow, the keyboard with Tom Armitage, the trumpet and also electronic music with Jess Rymer and pop music with Lisa Bonello.

During the exhibition each class performed a dance or a music section together with the professional artists. They started off by explaining what they had learnt in each section. An art exhibition was also set up with art pieces created by the pupils themselves. Level 5 pupils guided the different groups from one station to the other. Whilst moving from one performance to another, family members were entertained by a few Level 4 and 5 pupils playing different instruments.