Film Gallery

Film Gallery

Every year Level 11 students take part in a film produced by River Dream Ltd and The Bigger Picture, as part of their Active Citizenship and Cultural Studies programme (ACCS). Ms Bernie Mizzi, director of River Dream Ltd, is also the ACCS teacher responsible for the programme. Just click on the relevant thumbnail to play the film. Enjoy!

Hide Your Fires (2019)

Scorpion Mind (2018)

Brief Candle (2017)

The Serpent Under't (2016)

Instruments of Darkness (2015)

The Crowning (2014)

Raven Heart (2013)

Seeds of Time (2012)

Evermore (2011)

Blood Will Have Blood (2010)

Hell Hound (2009)

The War Within (2008)

Weird Sisters (2007)

The Fatal Lead (2006)

Duels and Duets (2005)

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CHS World Record Event

Hundreds of colourful, make-believe characters came to life at Chiswick House School, as pupils and staff broke the Guinness World Record (TM) for the largest ever gathering of people dressed as different storybook characters (4th March 2011).

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