Our Vision

Man cannot learn without images - St Augustine

Our belief is that children can realise their full potential within a well-ordered and challenging educational setting. We have established a framework of real values that aims at ensuring the acquisition of basic skills within an exciting programme which implements a broad-based curriculum and translates into high academic achievement.

The Curriculum ensures continuity – starting from Early Years and ending at Sixth Form level. It has been developed through continuous updating processes that have retained the essential basics while adopting key new developments. The use of technology in the classroom, the importance of sharing educational experiences with others, in Malta and abroad, the introduction of Performance Management and the ‘thinking in time’ approach are but a few innovative practices already in place.

We have seen how children can flourish within a climate that respects individuality, allows for creative expression and gives space to explore new ideas within safe parameters. We believe that the images in this website clearly capture this climate. Learning is such a natural and wonderful phenomenon but such a complex one! Self-discipline and excellent home-school relations are key components of success. Parents are viewed as keen collaborators in all school activities and essential stakeholders throughout their children’s Early, Junior, Middle, Senior and Sixth Form years.

It is our hope that every student will leave Chiswick House School and St Martin’s College equipped with happy images of precious moments in time, an array of academic achievements and a well-developed personality. In short, educated human beings who value competence, diversity, spirituality and life.