Ethics Education Programme

Programme Details (Level 1 to Level 5)

Chiswick House School incorporates Ethics Education in the school curriculum starting at Level 1 through Level 5. Ethics Education is a valuable subject area that promotes social and emotional learning,  personal growth and social responsibility. It also helps learners recognise the potential consequences of their actions and empowers them to make choices that avoid harm to themselves and to others.

In Levels 1 through 2 universal values, such as honesty, kindness and respect are encouraged through storytelling and role-play.  Compassion, cooperation and consideration towards others help foster a sense of community and create a supportive environment that makes individuals feel valued and understood. Incorporating ethics into the curriculum at an early age helps learners develop moral reasoning skills and offers opportunities to seek answers to the question “Why?”

In Levels 3 through 5, Ethics Education incorporates a progressive curriculum designed to introduce learners to ethical concepts and principles that explore cultural awareness and the respect for diversity.  Learners are encouraged to think critically about the consequences of their actions by exploring ethical principles such as fairness, justice, and responsibility.

Programme Details (Level 6 to Level 11)

At St Martin’s College the Ethics syllabus is structured in such a way that learners can appreciate new ways of learning, a way of thinking that truly enriches their experience of the subject. The Modules offered as part of this course include an analysis and discussion of open and closed communities, tolerance, and the role that the ‘self’ plays within the community. Topics range from but are not restricted to the influence of social media on our everyday life, role models and moral aspects concerning the importance of care for myself and others, dependence, and  the right to life of both humans and animals.

The Ethics and Religious Education programmes at Chiswick House School and St Martin’s College run back-to-back and learners opt for either Ethics Education or Religious Education.