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Middle School Level 6 | Level 7 | Level 8


The curriculum is designed to give as wide a range of study as possible in order to tap and develop each student’s full potential.

The emphasis at this level is to offer a broad programme which ensures the acquisition of basic skills as well as exposing the students to exciting cross-curricular experiences. The pastoral care aspect appears in a very strong but discreet manner.

The Educational Programme is broad-based and offers a variety of well-structured experiences through:

• The Core Areas – Maltese*, English, Mathematics, and Integrated Science.
• Foreign Languages – Italian, French, German and Spanish.**
• The Humanities – History, Geography and Environmental Studies, Global and Cultural Perspectives (Level 6), Religious Education/Ethics Education***.
• The Expressive Arts – Art and Design, Music, Drama, and Creative Development (Level 8).
• Physical Education and Sport.
• Personal, Social and Health Education.
• Information and Communication Technology.
• Student Skills.

* International students may opt out of this programme of study – Students who are particularly weak in English may be asked to follow English for non-English speakers during some of these lessons. Otherwise they may choose to take Spanish, French for non-native speakers, Italian classes for Italian native speakers or Maltese for non-Maltese speakers.

** Together with the compulsory areas of study, students are exposed to five foreign languages; French, Italian, German, Spanish and Mandarin in Level 6, after which they choose one which they will continue to study from Level 7 upwards.

*** The Ethics Education programme at St Martin’s College is offered to learners who opt to follow the Ethics Education curriculum instead of Religious Education. The syllabus is structured in such a way that learners can appreciate new ways of learning, a way of thinking that truly enriches their experience of the subject. The Modules offered as part of this course include an analysis and discussion of open and closed communities, tolerance, and the role that the ‘self’ plays within the community. Topics range from but are not restricted to the influence of social media on our everyday life, role models and moral aspects concerning the importance of care for myself and others, dependence, and  the right to life of both humans and animals.

The Outdoor Learning Programme 

Throughout their Middle School years, learners will participate in several outdoor learning experiences that offer a whole new approach to learning – one that transfers learning outdoors. The main aim of this initiative is to engage and further strengthen our students’ learning experience by linking the outings organised to specific topics and learning outcomes that are covered in the various learning areas offered at the College. Students visit places of educational interest throughout the scholastic year. These visits, which include Live-ins and educational trips abroad, are important as they support the school academic programme.

The Connected Learning Project Programme in Middle School

As from the scholastic year 2022-2023, St Martin’s College embarked on an exciting new journey that brought together all the teaching and learning taking place in the Middle School years. The Connected Learning Project programme explores, interlinks, and embeds the teaching and learning in the Middle School subject areas to practical projects that deepen our learner’s knowledge and understanding of the world around us. These projects take place across the subject areas offered in Middle School and they offer our learners the opportunity to put into practice skills, knowledge, and competences widely available through the abundant access to information and life experiences we are all exposed to. It is through such deepened learning and deepened connections that the Connected Learning Programme strives to tap into the diverse interests shared by our learners.

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School Hours

Our School Hours for Middle School Level 6 | Level 7 | Level 8

September to May 08:20 – 15:00
June 08:20 – 12:50

School Location

St Martin’s College, Swatar, (Malta)

Levels & Ages

Middle School Level 6
Ages 10 years to 11 years

Middle School Level 7
Ages 11 years to 12 years

Middle School Level 8
Ages 12 years to 13 years

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