Educational Support

Educational Support

At Chiswick House School and St Martin’s College, inclusion is at the heart of the School ethos. The inclusive approach centres on students and their specific needs, recognising that all children learn in a different way and at different rates. The Alternative Learning Programme (ALP) is at the core of the inclusive approach. At each school the ALP department is led by an Inclusion co-ordinator who sees to the day-to-day administration of the programme. A team of specialist teachers run the programme. The ALP Department ensures that:

• the needs of the student and his/her family are recognised.

• the environment is adapted to reflect individual student’s needs.

• services are coordinated to ensure both the needs of the student and their family are met.

• support and training for staff is ongoing, working with children with individual needs is provided.

How Individual Needs Are Identified

1) Referral by the individual teachers .

2) Standardised in-house assessments; these standardised batteries of tests assess various learning processes. These are used to identify the student’s learning and psychometric profile.

3) A whole-school screening process, such as the Cognitive Ability Testing, NFER Nelson is utilized.

4) Yearly screening in Reading and Spelling tests at Primary Level starting at Early Years 4/Level 2.