Our School

Chiswick House School and St Martin's College are a professional learning community. Building on our successful past, we are collectively committing to 21st Century learning-centred education to become the best we can be.

Our high standards of teaching for learning are embedded within an enquiry-based, knowledge-rich and inclusive environment. We plan stimulating and active learning experiences that arouse curiosity and fire the imagination. By developing emotional intelligence, encouraging effective communication and critical thinking, learners become responsible and autonomous. Every member of the community aspires to be a collaborative and creative lifelong learner able to confidently face new challenges in a fast-changing world.

Our Facilities

Both schools have a well-equipped range of facilities and resources to help students achieve a well-rounded education in a child-friendly atmosphere. We take pride in our premises and give great importance to safety, upkeep, and cleanliness.

Our Libraries

Chiswick House School and St Martin’s College house two well-stocked libraries that provide students and teachers with a wide range of facilities and a welcoming environment for reading, research, study, teaching and much more.

Our Registration Process

Parents who wish to enrol their child / children at Chiswick House School & St Martin’s College are to contact our Registrar, Ms Roberta Zammit Briffa.  A member of her team would be more than pleased to meet you to go through any questions you may have and guide you through the Admissions process.

Language Policy

Given our bilingual national setting, pupils of Chiswick House School who are Maltese citizens learn Maltese and English during their Early Years, and go on to perfect their speaking, listening, writing and communication skills throughout their Primary and Secondary years. By the time they leave Level 11, we expect our Maltese students to become competent and enthusiastic users of both languages.

Our Parents

We believe in keeping close contact with parents who are prime stakeholders in their children’s education. Communication with parents is kept open at all times. For this purpose we organise various Parents’ meetings early in the scholastic year. Email updates are sent to them regularly and they are invited to our Parent Workshops where interesting educational topics are discussed.

Two Parents’ Days are organised each year.