International Programme

International Programme

Programme Details

Chiswick House School and St Martin’s College offer an International Programme designed to cater for the needs of our international students, in line with the Common European Framework (Council of Europe 2020)since 2010.

The options which the International Programme (IP) offers are as follows:

  • English for non-English speakers (EL2/3) – English as a second (EL2) or third (EL3) language;
  • French for non-native speakers (FL2/3) – French as a second (FL2) or third (FL3) language;
  • Spanish for non-native speakers (SL2/3) – Spanish as a second (SL2) or third (SL3) language;
  • French for native speakers (FL1); (from Level 6)
  • Italian for native speakers (IL1).

In addition to ONE of the above options, the International Programme also includes a course in Maltese Il-Malti bħala Lingwa Barranija (MLB).



English for non-native speakers (EL2/3)

This course is mandatory for non-English speakers who have no knowledge of English. Many non-English speakers choose to continue to take EFL classes to improve their level of English throughout Junior School and also throughout their Middle and Senior years. EFL courses are offered at all levels between Level 1 at CHS and Level 11 at SMC. Students have the opportunity of sitting the internationally recognized TOEFL Junior Test on St Martin’s College premises, thanks to the partnership agreement that CHSMC has with ETS Global. This test pegs the students’ level of English to the Common European Framework of Reference and the Lexile Framework of Reading.


Spanish for non-native speakers (SL2/3)

This course caters for International students who wish to take up the innovative Spanish Programme specifically designed and taught by fully qualified teachers of Spanish and caters for learners starting from Level 2 till Level 11. Special attention is given to the communication skills approach and the spiral method of teaching. Classes and didactic material are carefully planned and prepare students for both SEC and DELE exams (Spanish certificate).


French for non-native speakers (FL2/3) (till Level 7)

This course offers students a chance to develop the basics of communication in one of the world’s major international languages. The programme has been designed by a fully qualified teacher of French to span the years from Level 1 to Level 6. Teaching is based on the communicative approach to encourage students to engage with and use the language as early as possible.


French for native speakers (FL1)

This course has been designed by French teachers for native speakers. It follows the syllabus of the French educational system and is endorsed by the French Embassy in Malta. The programme is structured by keeping in mind the specific linguistic and individual needs of the learners and is taught by a fully qualified teacher of French.  The course is offered from Level 6 to Level 11 at St Martin’s College.


Italian for native speakers (IL1)

After a series of successful years running Courses for Native Italian Speakers, Chiswick House School and St Martin’s College have designed and put together a course that caters for native Italian speakers joining our schools. The lessons are taught by fully qualified Italian teachers who teach a curriculum that is in line with the Italian National language syllabus. The course is offered from Level 2 (Chiswick House School) to Level 11 (St Martin’s College).

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Maltese as a Foreign Language (MLB)

Il-Malti bħala Lingwa Barranija (Maltese as a Foreign Language) introduces learners to the fundamental language skills of reading, writing, listening and speaking. The MLB programme at Chiswick House School and St Martin’s College teaches learners the most basic grammatical concepts of the Maltese language while also focusing on building essential vocabulary that ranges from simple Maltese words in familiar and unfamiliar contexts, to the use of the most common Maltese expressions. Emphasis is placed on the correct construction and use of basic Maltese phrases that appear frequently in every day social conversation. Furthermore, the MLB syllabus enhances one’s oral and aural skills by immersing the learner in the linguistic and cultural context of the Maltese culture and language. For this reason, the learners will express themselves by using and applying Maltese expressions within a given context and communicate basic needs related to daily tasks. Learning is consolidated through in class activities in which knowledge is applied in context.