International Programme

International Programme

Programme Details

Chiswick House School and St Martin’s College offer an International Programme designed to cater for the needs of our international students, in line with the Common European Framework (Council of Europe 2001).

International students who decide not to follow the Maltese course, have the option, against payment, of taking up lessons in another language. Students from Early Years 3/Level 1 up to Level 11 will be given the opportunity of replacing Maltese lessons with one of the following courses below.



English for non-native speakers (EL2/3)

This course is mandatory for non-English speakers who have no knowledge of English. Many non-English speakers choose to continue to take EFL classes to improve their level of English throughout Junior School and also throughout their Middle and Senior years. EFL courses are offered at all levels between Level 1 at CHS and Level 11 at SMC. Students have the opportunity of sitting the internationally recognized TOEFL Junior Test on St Martin’s College premises, thanks to the partnership agreement that CHSMC has with ETS Global. This test pegs the students’ level of English to the Common European Framework of Reference and the Lexile Framework of Reading.


Spanish for non-native speakers (SL2/3)

This course is aimed at International students who wish to take up the innovative Spanish Programme taught by Spanish teachers who are fully qualified. This programme has been developed by the teachers to span the years from Level 1 to Level 11. Teaching is based on a communicative approach and lessons are designed by our Spanish educators in order to encourage students to engage with and use the language as early as possible.


French for non-native speakers (FL2/3) (till Level 7)

This course offers students a chance to develop the basics of communication in one of the world’s major international languages. The programme has been designed by a fully qualified teacher of French to span the years from Level 1 to Level 6. Teaching is based on the communicative approach to encourage students to engage with and use the language as early as possible.


French for native speakers (FL1)

This course has been designed by French teachers for native speakers and reflects the syllabus of the French educational system. Taught by teachers fully qualified to teach French, it is endorsed by the French Embassy in Malta.


Italian for native speakers (IL1)

After a long history of running Courses for Native Italian Speakers, CHSMC has put together a course at all levels. Italian pupils who take up this very interesting course are able to be re-located to Italian Schools without any difficulties. The course reflects the Italian syllabus and is taught by an Italian teacher fully certified to teach Italian in Italian schools.

As from September 2015 the schools have become an ETS Global Preferred Associate. This means that Chiswick House School and St Martin’s College now offer exams from the TOEFL family of examinations to their students in their own premises. Depending on their individual levels and their subsequent progress throughout the scholastic year, students may be offered the opportunity to sit for the TOEFL exams (English).

Extracurricular Language Learning Programme (After School hours)



Chinese for non-native speakers 2/3

Chiswick House School and St Martin’s College together with the Confucius Institute at the University of Malta will be offering Chinese as a foreign language within the extra curriculum programme to all CHSMC students during scholastic year 2016 / 2017. The lessons will cover the basic learning of the language and will run once a week.