Malta Jnr LEGO® League

Mr Kevin Spiteri from IMS Ltd, visited Chiswick House School and gave a presentation to the children about the Malta Jnr LEGO® League.

Malta Jnr LEGO® League is a STEM education programme designed for young children (8 to 11 years). Teams of up to 6 members will be guided by an adult mentor to explore and research a real-world problem related to the theme ‘Our Environment’. Teams are challenged to design and develop a solution which includes a model using LEGO® Education WeDo. Each team will share a presentation of their work during the Malta Robotics Olympiad. This programme will enable participants to learn how to apply their classroom knowledge to a real-world application.

Teams will build a representation of what they are researching, incorporating movement into their creation through the use of LEGO® Education WeDo. Teams will use LEGO® Education WeDo to animate their model thus learning basic engineering and programming concepts in the process.
The teams will also prepare a presentation to share their work with the judges, other teams and general public during the Malta Robotics Olympiad.

The team at Chiswick House School is called Lego Legends and is being mentored by our Digital Literacy Leader, Ms Margaret Fonde and other volunteer staff members.

Good luck Lego Legends!