St Martin's College Gymnasium Refurbishment

We are proud to announce the total refurbishment of our College gym – works were done through the Christmas holidays.

The lighting in the gym has been upgraded from metal halide to LEDs which emit better and brighter lighting with no sound pollution and also help save on electricity consumption.

The gym ceiling was whitewashed and vibrant blues were chosen to brighten up the walls.

The sub-floor was treated with Damp Proof Membrane and Self-Levelling before the actual Tarkett Omnisports Pure Play 9.4mm rubber flooring was installed.

The Sport flooring (EN 14904 CERTIFIED) is approved by International Sports Federations and offers extreme protection (integrated cushion for protection in the case of a fall), optimal safety (protect players against potential friction burn), comfort (adapted shock absorption levels for all ages, weights and levels of play) and sports performance (good energy return, consistent level of ball bounce and better grip).

Installation of the lines for the different sports activities followed the installation of the flooring.

Please let us all respect the safety instructions to protect the flooring as much as possible.