Level 4 Festival

The String Opera ‘The Legend of the Blue Lady’
Kreattiv project 2018

Level 4 pupils performed in a children’s opera based on the ‘Legend of the Blue Lady.’ This was the first time such an opera was staged in Malta. Pupils performed together with Francesca Aquilina, Clare Ghigo and Jeremy Grech, who formed part of the creative team of singers and performers. A string quartet, made up of musicians from the Youth Section of the National Orchestra, provided the music.

Pupils were involved in the initial phases of the writing of the opera to the final phases of the production,
including scenery and lighting.

The music was written by Tom Armitage while the libretto was written by Malcolm Galea. The opera formed part of a project for Kreattiv which was funded by the Arts Council Malta. This project was done in collaboration with SOPA.

This performance was indeed spectacular! Well done to all and we hope to see more in the coming years.