International Day of the Girl

St Martin’s College Sixth Form commemorated International Day of the Girl by hosting a speed mentoring and networking event. Her Excellency, Marie-Louise Coleiro Preca, visited the College during the event and briefly mentored some of our students. The workshop was designed to allow our students to meet and gain valuable information from different alumni and professional women in a fun and fast-paced, yet relaxed environment. Students conversed with mentors for 5-minute sessions until they were prompted to move on to the next mentor. During this time our students had the opportunity to discuss their career plans and goals and interact with motivational, leading and successful women in different fields. They were provided with guidance, insight and inspiration, as well as the confidence and tools they need to examine personal and potential connections.
The United Nations declared the 11th of October as the International Day of Girls to support more opportunities for girls and to highlight the inequalities that girls still face around the world. Special attention is paid to promote girls’ empowerment and to the fulfilment of their human rights. This year’s theme focuses on expanding existing learning opportunities and calling on the global community to rethink the preparation needed for girls to successfully transition into the world of work. The speed mentoring and networking event was chosen to reflect this theme. Both male and female students actively participated in the event since each one will move on to careers and positions that will enable them to support human rights of all people, everywhere and make changes to improve the lives of others.