Sixth Form students participate in a Panel Discussion

Students at St Martin’s College Sixth Form studying Marketing, Sociology, Geography and Economics, recently participated in a panel discussion with Ms Michela Fenech and Ms Tammy Fenech, members of the non-profit organisation, Fashion Revolution, as well Ms Maria Farrugia, Co-Founder of the KulKul Farm, Bali, and Ms Greta Muscat Azzopardi, Co-Director of Amber Sparks, Malta.

Throughout the event a variety of issues related to the world of consumption were debated. Panel members and students discussed sustainability, the realities of sweatshop workers, social justice, the intensification of farming, as well as the environmental impact of fast fashion. Students had an opportunity to question the way their own clothes are sourced, produced, consumed and discarded. They also explored ways in which, as consumers, they can make more educated choices.