Presentation for our Level 13 Physics Advanced students

Dr. Alexandra Bonnici, a lecturer at the Faculty of Engineering, together with Ms. Ella Miceli Farrugia, an engineering student representing UESA, have held a presentation for our Level 13 Physics Advanced students. They brought several models built by engineering students, to show how their work is useful for the advancement of technology used in the Health industry. The students discussed motors which are used in robotic arms and saw an actual model performing laser printing. They were given the possibility to wear glasses with muscle sensors and see how the movement of their eyes can be detected. These are used in automated hospital beds by patients with motor difficulties. The speakers also brought a thermal camera and an automated car that can detect its surroundings using ultrasound. The camera is used to detect blood circulation problems in patients, especially those suffering from diabetes. The principles used for the car, have been applied to a wheelchair that can detect its surroundings’ coordinates and navigate the room automatically.

Thank you Dr Bonnici and Ms Miceli Farrugia for a most enjoyable and informative event for our Physics students!