Assessment for Learning – Its meaning for the SMC Community

Education in Malta has, this scholastic year, been focusing upon assessment practices in Level 7. St Martin’s College has been preparing for the changes taking place nationally since the launch of the learning outcomes in 2015. In fact, all the school’s leadership and teaching staff has been trained in the learning outcomes and their use within the classrooms by Ms Anita, qualified LOF trainer.

This year our focus is reviewing the programmes of study in Level 7. We are also looking into our assessment practices at all levels.

Great practice has already been identified in various areas of learning and some examples will be posted here as the year progresses.

Three great practices have been included:

In Level 7, in Mathematics, Ms Maria Bezzina and her learners, through the creation of bookmarks, were guided in the creation of bar charts.

In Level 9, in Maltese Literature, Ms Charelle Cacciattolo has created a rubric based on the most important elements to include in a literary essay.

In the Middle School, Ms Mandy Micallef Decesare and Ms Jenny Pace Hickey have focused on creating charts for the VEE lessons.

These rubrics, which the learners utilised when creating their assigned work, have helped the learners to identify the aspects which they need to include in their work. By following these rubrics’ guidelines, the learners work towards achieving quality standards.

Watch this space for more updates.