We are very pleased to share with you a video highlighting how NACE is being implemented at Chiswick House School and very soon also at St Martin’s College.

Chiswick House School has become the first international school to be accredited with the prestigious NACE Challenge Award. The National Association for More Able Children in Education (NACE) award is given in recognition of school-wide commitment to high-quality provision for more able learners, in the context of challenge for all.

NACE CEO Sue Riley said: “We are delighted to announce that Chiswick House has become NACE’s first international member to gain the respected NACE Challenge Award. It is clear that the school sets high expectations for its learners, and in turn learners do the same for themselves. The school demonstrated that its provision for more able learners is at the heart of its development plan. Staff work closely with parents and there is a strong ethos of collaboration and innovation. We look forward to working with Chiswick House as the school further develops its offer, and sharing its expertise with other NACE member schools across the globe.”