Maths Mastery Leadership Conference in Dubai

Ms Bernie Mizzi and Ms Esmeralda Zerafa have been asked to present at a three-day maths mastery leadership conference in Dubai where they will be sharing their experiences about leading impactful change with emphasis on the whole school introduction to the Maths Mastery approach at Chiswick House School and St Martin’s College. Ms Suzanne Loporto, from CHS, as well as, Dr Jeannine Debattista, Ms Maria Bezzina and Ms Alexia Gouder, from SMC, will also be joining them to benefit from this international and professional learning experience.

The MNP Maths Mastery Leadership Conference is an opportunity to learn about the theories and strategies that are changing the face of mathematics teaching around the world. It is also one of the OECD seven principles of learning adopted at CHSMC: Building Horizontal Connections.

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