European Money Week

Level 12 Economics A level students attended a very informative lecture on cyber security and online payment security. This lecture was hosted by Mr. Daniel German who gave an insight on how susceptible people are to information theft. They were shown how hackers can and often do eventually manage to break through and access sensitive data that puts them at risk. Cybercrime is very real, and it was explained to them that hackers have a plethora of ways of accessing their information, not only through their PCs but especially through mobile devices and other household devices that can be remotely controlled through connections to the internet. They were also introduced to a number of measures they should take to protect their sensitive information and steps that are a must when using both social media and when making purchases online.

Students participated actively by asking questions and prompting further discussion on the issues discussed. At the end of the talk, Mr. German also gave our students a handout which included key points from his presentation about important precautions they should take as well as key hints regarding online passwords and interaction on social media networks.

Throughout the very informative and interesting presentation, our students, were also shown a number of video clips on cybersecurity giving them an insight into real theft of personal data, the way hackers work and on why it is so important to be cautious when using the internet in today’s world