SMC places third in the Mathematics Olympiad

We are so proud to announce that St Martin’s College has placed third in the Mathematics Olympiad, a biennial competition organised by the Education Division’s Mathematics Department.The Olympiad aims to identify talented maths students and foster problem-solving skills and a positive attitude towards maths in young students. While challenging, the experience was undoubtedly enjoyable.

The competition was open to Level 9 and 10 students from State and non-state secondary schools, with each school represented by a team of four students. Julian Formosa, Sean Azzopardi, Neil Brincat and Esther Portelli formed this year’s team, coached by Mr Steve Zammit.

Thirty-one teams from various schools contested in this year’s competition, which was split into three sections. The participants had to attempt the first part on an individual basis. The latter two sections were a team effort.


A word of thanks goes to our Mathematics teachers, the Education Division and the Director for Curriculum Management, Mr Gaetano Bugeja, for providing us with this enriching experience.