Camping under the stars

Inspired by the concept of stretching and challenging our students to reach their full potential, the PE Department organised a pilot Camp Out. This required Level 7 students to spend 30 hours at a camping ground while learning vital survival skills in an open environment.

The skills were taught during the PE lessons and put to practice during the Camp Out included outdoor First Aid, fire safety, pitching and disassembling a tent, keeping the environment clean, preparing your own food, campfire behaviour, working as a team, collaboration, communication, creativity, critical thinking (problem solving), SMC community spirit, leadership qualities and cross-curricular activities with Music, Drama, Geography, History and Virtue and Ethics.

Parents/guardians were also invited to participate and help out during the Camp.

What a fantastic learning experience for all who attended! A MASSIVE well done to the SMC PE Department for this enriching pilot project which we are sure is here to stay!