Collaborative Professionalism

As part of our focus on improving literacy at Chiswick House School, a number of teachers, TLAs and LSEs participated in international professional learning events to gain further insight into how language and literacy can be developed better.

Ms Emma Paris, Ms Yvette Cassar Conti, Ms Martina Pace, Ms Joanne Bonavia, Ms Chiara Monterosso and Ms Gillian Harrison Namli attended a 2-day course about teaching phonics through the Read Write Inc Programme.

Ms Sue Psaila, Ms Alison Montanaro and Ms Jacqueline Mifsud Cremona participated in a training course about teaching phonics in the Early Years.

Ms Nicole Sapiano, Ms Nicole Formosa and Ms Michelle Cefai attended a 2-day course about teaching literacy and language.

All staff members also visited various model schools for Read Write Inc. in the UK.