ICSEI 2020 Conference

Ms Bernie Mizzi, together with Professor Grace Grima and Senior-Middle leaders Ms Esmeralda Zerafa and Dr Jeannine Debattista attended the ICSEI 2020 (International Congress for School Effectiveness and Improvement) Conference in Morocco.

Over 1000 participants, ranging from about 80 countries, participated in the 33rd conference which was held in Africa for the first time. Together they shared experiences and exchanged knowledge and best practices on quality education and school improvement. This year’s theme was titled “Education, Youth Empowerment, and Sustainable Development: Collaboration between the Global North and South to Improve Education Quality”.

Ms Bernie and Ms Esmeralda, with Professor Grace Grima, as critical friend, presented in the Innovate Session on ‘Collaborative Professionalism in Action: A Whole School Digital Transformation Project Impacting Adult and Young Learner. The presentation focused upon CHSMC’s 3-year plan to bring about the best use of technology in active and inspiring learning opportunities.

‘Impactful Change Processes: Placing Malta on the Maths Mastery Map,’ was the title of the second presentation that Ms Bernie Mizzi and Ms Esmeralda Zerafa gave during another Innovate Session at ICSEI 2020 in Marrakesh.