Spots of Time

A wonderful initiative named Spots of Time has been set up by our Well-Being Team at St Martin’s College. This is what the team said:

We hope that you are all well despite the challenges and difficulties that we are all facing at the moment. As the Well-Being Team at St Martin’s College, we are aware that each of you is going through your own struggles in different ways and we want to be available to support you as best as we can, even for the smallest of issues you might be encountering and wish to share. We have therefore decided to set up an initiative called Spots of Time in which our counsellors, together with other members from the well-being team are going to be available for one-to-one sessions via video calling, phone call, text or email, as the person prefers. This will allow everyone to interact in the way they feel most comfortable. During these 30 minute sessions, we will offer guidance, support and coaching to those of you who wish to make use of this service.

Well done to the team! ❤️