World Children’s Day

In celebration of World Children’s Day, pupils at Chiswick House School have participated in several activities.

Last Friday Ms Audrey passed on the following message to our Early Years pupils:
‘Happy Children’s Day! The whole world wishes to thank you children for all that you bring with you! As children you have rights; many things that you deserve; health, time to play and learn, and a family. At school we are your family and we do our best to provide you with a safe space to learn, play and grow. We thank you because you are the future of our country and seeing you, listening to you and watching you grow reassures all of us as adults at Chiswick House School that we will have a bright and beautiful future ahead of us!’ Thank You!

This wonderful message was followed by music in which pupils were encouraged to get up and dance. So sorry we don’t have many pics of this fun moment but all of us were busy grooving to a celebratory jig!