Wave of Change

Chiswick House School is teaming up with Wave of Change for this year’s Ocean Day which will be celebrated on the 8th June. Last year’s epic, non-stop swim from Linosa to Gozo, by Neil Agius, a record of 125.6km completed in just over 52 hours, inspired people to help our oceans by picking up 6 pieces of litter and encouraging others to do the same.
Wave of Change continues to raise awareness so that the plastic waste we generate is not only disposed of correctly but is ultimately, reduced.
Yesterday, Neil Agius met with our Level 3, 4 and 5 pupils during assembly.
Neil invited pupils to make a pledge as a team or a class:
One positive thing they promise to do for the good of our sea which they will continue doing in their everyday lives and not a one-time action. Pupils are to prepare a video in which they explain their pledge. The winning team will be chosen from each participating school and announced on 8th June.
No one can do everything but everyone can do something!