European Week for Waste Reduction 2022

Chiswick House School participated in the European Week for Waste Reduction 2022 run by @ewwrmalta and @WasteServ. Ms Sabina and Ms Sarah organised several initiatives throughout the week, one of which was a collection of unwanted uniforms which were used during a Pre-Loved Uniform Sale. The success of this initiative resulted in preventing 99kg of carbon emissions and 310650 litres of water from being used in the production of 31kg of new clothes. The funds will be re-invested into the school’s sustainable initiatives and activities. Assemblies about textile waste were held throughout the week and a sensory area was made available for pupils to manipulate as well as explore the life cycle of textiles during their break times. Pupils were also encouraged to follow a Calendar of Activities, together with their families, to reflect on their textile consumption.
Thank you to everyone who contributed and thank you for the wonderful feedback. We look forward to organising other initiatives throughout the year.