Cross-Curricular Outdoor Learning Day

As part of our drive to connect learning and provide learners with authentic learning opportunities, Middle School students participated in a cross-curricular outdoor learning day.

Level 6s embarked on a Mathematics Trail in Valletta, engaging in a structured walk that allowed them to apply mathematical concepts in a real-world context.

Level 7s attended a PSHE outing held in the peaceful settings of Mount St Joseph. Students participated in engaging activities which focused on mindfulness and healthy habits through dance and movement. Students also enjoyed a visit by Moveo who passed on a strong message about gratitude through dance and movement to further instill appreciation for the little things in life.

Level 8s explored the historical significance of Mdina and some fun facts about various buildings through a treasure hunt in the Silent city.

These outings also served as a break after their mid-yearly exams which is a great way for students to de-stress and recharge before diving back into their studies. Outings like these provide an opportunity for students to bond with their peers outside of the classroom setting and create lasting memories.

Well done to everyone involved for making it an extraordinary experience for all!