Essays Beyond Borders

At St Martin’s College Sixth Form, we have had the pleasure and privilege of welcoming Prof. Mario Aquilina from the University of Malta’s Department of English for a series of captivating workshops titled ‘Essays Beyond Borders’. Led by Prof. Aquilina, our Level 12 students studying English at an Advanced Level have been honing their essay writing skills with great enthusiasm.

In the first workshop, students delved into the art of essay writing, exploring the styles and skills of renowned essayists. It provided an enriching experience for their understanding of English and beyond!

After an insightful first session, the second workshop took a more hands-on approach. Students had the opportunity to put theory into practice and write their own essays by tapping into personal experiences and crafting their own compelling voices.

Now, they’re encouraged to submit their work for feedback, with the chance to receive recognition for their efforts

‘Essays Beyond Borders’ is co-funded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union.