CHS Movement Week

CHS Movement Week

Scholastic Year 2014 - 2015

‘Regularly-scheduled movement breaks throughout the day and movement used within and between lessons results in better-behaved, more engaged students who can more easily focus on and retain what they are supposed to be learning.’ – (Nina Fiore, 2014)

It is now a well-researched fact that movement and learning are closely connected, helping children to manage their behaviour while absorbing what is being taught. At Chiswick House School we believe that movement must be given special attention and to this end we organised a week dedicated to Movement within School. During this week pupils experienced cosmic yoga, an activity which involved yoga moves through story telling organised by Ms Sandy, a certified yoga instructor. It was a great way of celebrating literacy through movement. Throughout the week all children practised a dance in class, which was then performed in the school theatre for Level 1 and Level 2 pupils to enjoy. As pupils watched each class dance, they participated by copying the moves of the young performers. It was a delightful, healthy, happy experience for all with a strong message: allow for time within school to move while we learn. The theatre was brought to life with loud and happy cheers when teachers and staff surprised the pupils with a dance of their own, the Rumba. Soon everyone was dancing!

Movement Week in the Junior School kicked off during assembly on Monday. Pupils were guided by Ms Leanne to MOVE. These types of assemblies are being encouraged every Monday to reinforce the importance of exercise and a healthy lifestyle. During Movement Week Level 3 and 5 pupils participated in a dance fitness class with Mr Francesco whilst Level 4 pupils enjoyed trekking in Zurrieq. During eating time pupils listened to music and were encouraged to dance and move.

We are also very pleased to announce that pupils from Level 5 and Level 6, who represented the school at a handball tournament organised by Kunsill Malti ghall-Isport, won!

What a fun week it was. Pupils were buzzing with energy!