CHS Movement Week

CHS Movement Week

Scholastic Year 2015 - 2016

CHS pupils recently enjoyed a week of fun activities to celebrate Movement week.

Throughout the week each class in Level 1 and 2 practised a dance which was then performed in the school theatre for pupils and teachers to enjoy. Pupils watched each class dance and were encouraged to participate by copying the moves of the young performers. International pupils also put together a performance which was made up of different songs portraying the different languages offered at Chiswick House School. Teachers and staff surprised the pupils with a dance of their own bringing the theatre to life with loud and happy cheers.

Every morning, throughout movement week, Junior School pupils participated in a Move assembly. Pupils as well as staff were guided by Ms Leanne to MOVE. Teachers also reinforced the importance of physical exercise and a healthy lifestyle during their lessons. During Movement Week Level 3 pupils participated in taekwondo sessions with Mr Joe Azzopardi, whilst Level 4 and Level 5 pupils enjoyed dance fitness sessions with Mr Francesco Nicodeme.

Pupils were buzzing with energy during this fun week of movement!