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The curriculum is designed to give as wide a range of study as possible in order to tap and develop each student’s full potential.

The emphasis at this level is to offer a broad programme which ensures the acquisition of basic skills as well as exposing the students to exciting cross-curricular experiences. The pastoral care aspect appears in a very strong but discreet manner.
St Martin’s College, Malta – Students in class

The Educational Programme is broad-based. It offers a variety of well-structured experiences through:

• The Core Areas – Maltese*, English, Mathematics, and Integrated Science.
• Foreign Languages – Italian, French, German and Spanish.**
• The Humanities – History, Geography and Environmental Studies, and Religious Education/Virtue & Ethics Education.
• The Expressive Arts – Art and Design, Music and Drama.
• Physical Education and Sport.
• Personal, Social and Health Education.
• Information and Communication Technology.
• Student Skills.
* International students may opt out of this programme of study – Students who are particularly weak in English may be asked to follow English for non-English speakers during some of these lessons. Otherwise they may choose to take Spanish, French for native speakers, Italian classes for Italian native speakers, Maltese for non-Maltese speakers or English for non-English speakers.

** Together with the compulsory areas of study, students are exposed to four foreign languages; French, Italian, German and Spanish in Level 6, after which they choose one which they will continue to study from Level 7 upwards.

For more information about our programme kindly email [email protected]

School Hours

Our School Hours for Middle School Level 6 | Level 7 | Level 8

September to May 08:15 – 15:00
June 08:15 – 12:50

School Location

Our school location for this programme is:
St Martin’s College,Swatar, (Malta)

Levels & Ages

Middle School Level 6
Ages 10 years to 11 years

Middle School Level 7
Ages 11 years to 12 years

Middle School Level 8
Ages 12 years to 13 years

Uniform Requirements

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