new Extension

St Martin’s College Sixth Form recently inaugurated a new extension at the College. The new building incorporates nine new fully-equipped classrooms and a common room for students that is over 300m2 in size. The facilities include a large lounge area, a working space, a kitchenette, a games room and gymnasium. During the inauguration, Ms Bernie Mizzi, Director, explained that the common room was designed based on the students’ own recommendations. She said, ‘We are very excited to have a new space where our students can learn, grow and stretch their skills, talents and competences.’

The new extension will allow St Martin’s College Sixth Form to meet the evolving needs of the College’s community. Despite the rapidly growing student population, the College is committed to maintaining the small number of students in every class, with approximately 12 to 15 students per group. This College policy reflects the importance of class size as an important determinant of student outcomes.