SMC Sixth Form participates in the Euroscola Event

Students attending St Martin’s College Sixth Form recently participated in the Euroscola event in Strasbourg, France. They were joined by over five hundred students from twenty-three countries of the European Union.

The highlight of the Programme is a whole day spent at the European Parliament. Students took on the role of an MEP for the day and experienced debating different issues regarding the European Union. They were also given the opportunity to pose questions to MEP Michael Cramer.

The two students who presented Malta and St Martin’s College were Mattea Giglio and Julienne Restall. They addressed the students gathered in the European Parliament. Their presentation gave a clear insight into various aspects of the Maltese Islands as well as an overview of what Malta has to offer visitors.

Apart from the day they spent at the European Parliament, the group also visited the Council of Europe and the European Court of Human Rights, where they were hosted by Chief Justice Dr Vincent De Gaetano. Students were given a presentation about the Court and the types of cases that this Court deliberates on.

The intensive programme was complemented by visits to places of interest in the city of Strasbourg. Throughout the visit, St Martin’s College Sixth Form students were accompanied by three of their lecturers, Ms Isabelle Caruana-Dingli, Ms Eleanor Abela and Mr Paul Portelli.