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Sixth Form Students Participate in the JAYE Company Programme Launch

Sixth Form Students Participate in the JAYE Company Programme Launch A group of ten Level 12 students attending St Martin’s College Sixth Form, participated in the JAYE Company Programme launch last Saturday morning. The students were introduced to the initiative through a treasure hunt around Valletta and had three hours to visit a number of locations around the capital city. Throughout the morning, all the teams had to answer specific questions, post tiktok dance moves, design posters and participate in other fun activities. The morning ended with a meeting at the Malta Chamber of Commerce during which the schedule for the whole year was presented. Our students are supported by Mr Karl Vella, one of our College’s Marketing teachers.
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St Martin’s College Alumnus

St Martin's College Alumnus Claire Felice Pace, Senior Leader of Finance & HR, was formerly Dr. Andrea Agius’ level leader at St Martin’s College. She has now become one of his patients. He still calls her Ms. Claire. Dr. Andrea Agius is a past student of St Martin's College class of 2006 who graduated in dentistry in 2013. He fulfilled his dream of opening his own practice in 2017 whilst also gaining membership in the Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh. Andrea’s advice to all our students, is to balance extra-curricular activities with studying, which is key in getting through not only exams but any hurdle which life throws at you.
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Outdoor Teaching and Learning Programme

Outdoor Teaching and Learning Programme We are happy to announce that our outdoor teaching and learning programme will continue this scholastic year at Girgenti Farm (in Siggiewi). The magnificent outdoor space offers a myriad of learning opportunities. Our teachers have been planning various activities aimed at extending in-school learning to the great outdoors, helping our learners to seek discovery, movement and experimentation, whilst nurturing an increased appreciation of what nature has to offer and the importance of environmental sustainability.
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